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Working for individuals, businesses and charities

Private Client

We recognise that from time-to-time individuals will need support with a range of legal issues from buying a house to dealing with a death in the family or relationship breakdown. Our services include: conveyancing, family law advice, dispute resolution, relationship breakdown including divorce and separation of assets, protecting the family home from care fees through trusts and estate planning, advocacy, wills and probate.


We understand that the needs of charities are complex from first registration to day-to-day management of the charity and commercial subsidiaries. We offer a range of services including charity registration, annual return drafting, issues arising from the Companies Acts and Charities Acts, Data Protection, employment and contract law services.


Running a business brings with it unique legal challenges. Everything from registering your trading names to buying premises has the potential to go wrong if not handled correctly. We aim to take the pressure off so you can concentrate on building and running your business. We offer a range of services including: drafting and advice business leases, intellectual property registration, premises licencing, litigation and employment law services.

About Us

About Us

Swansea Law have been serving the local community since 2013, dealing with everyday and exceptional legal problems ranging from buying a house to challenging the contents of a will. We pride ourselves on our personable and professional service.