As a general rule we will provide an initial consultation of up to 15 minutes for no charge. At this meeting you will get the opportunity to briefly set out your issues and likely instructions. If we have the expertise to be able to deal with your matter/take on your case, we will make this clear to you. We will set out our fees, provide you with our terms of business and explain how much you will need to pay and when payment is due. If we feel another firm could better meet your needs, we will recommend an appropriate specialist firm at no cost to you.

If you decide to instruct us we will explain to you who you are instructing, how they will communicate with you, what they intend to do for you and how you can complain if you are unsatisfied.

Swansea Law Chambers is home to experienced legal specialists who are able to advise you on most legal issues. We will always allocate the most appropriate specialist to deal with your case. You will be informed how much they charge for their services. It will be made clear to you if fees will be charged hourly or on a fixed-fee basis. Any disbursements that will need to be paid will also be set out to you.